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Aries Profile

Welcome to Aries Profile for the traits and characteristics of those born under the ram


(Mar 21- Apr 19) -
is the cardinal/fire sign.
Arians need to keep physically busy. They accomplish many things simply because of their restless energy. They need to learn how to make constructive use of their energetic efforts. The typical Aries urge is to take on more than can be done reasonably well. Though others may find it difficult to keep pace with an Aries, they are attracted to their animation and spirited personality.Arians have a tendency to act like a dynamo of energy when they set their mind on achieving some goal. They can sometimes act so quickly that they later discover that they should have put in just a little more thought before starting. Action and achievement are important and slow coaches that get in the way, watch out! Aries may step on your toes. Aries enthusiasm rubs off onto others and they get involved in something, others are ready to follow. Selfishness, which sometimes includes a need to control others, tarnishes their otherwise positive and adventurous spirit. They need   to have empathy and concern for the needs of others. As a lover, they are passionate, giving and enterprising.
Easily bored, need constant refreshment of new fuel; strong initiators and idea people who like to complete a project rapidly and keep on traveling; move and think quickly, often athletic, competitive, enjoy risk; desire to be No.1, or the only one working on a project; courageous spirit which encourages confidence in others; ardent romantics, prefer the chase to the long-haul relationship; lifelong lessons in patience.
+ leadership, enthusiastic, adventurous, confident, energetic 
- selfish, impatient, quick tempered, intolerent, daredevil

Ruling Planet Mars - God of War...action and drive
Colour Red

Before leaving the subject Aries Profile, here's the traits of the Fire Signs of which Aries is one

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are warm, enthusiastic and outgoing. They need a lot of fuel and therefore are constantly on the search for something new to "feed" them. Other signs must often create boundaries in order to prevent the fire signs from absorbing all the resources and space in the vicinity. One cannot really find fault with this, as the fire signs are usually quite unaware of the effects of their massive energy. When they reach a clearly defined edge drawn by another sign, they rarely take offense, and readily move in another direction. The fire signs are very intuitive and rely heavily on an element of luck which seems to be always with them. Fires often attract Earths to stabilize and center them.