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Anniversary Poems for Him

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Words cannot express
all I hold within my heart.
You've made every moment
worth remembering.

Happy Anniversary

© C-I

Memories are all we have
And, as old as we are, they're good

There's life in the old dog yet
So catch me when I'm in the mood.

Thinking about our lives together
Boy have we had fun

Been together all this time
That's surprised everyone.

Happy Anniversary, darling

© C-I

Where have all those years gone?
It seems like yesterday

That we were standing side by side
With vows about to say.

The blushing bride, with handsome groom
We've worn rather well, and so

There's no one on this planet with whom
Through life, I'd rather go.

So let's celebrate with family and friends
All our years together
Loving them and keeping them safe
All side by side forever.

© C-I

We began as strangers.
We became friends.

We became one with each other...
We remain as one forever.

Happy Wedding Anniversary
To The One I love

© C-I

I love you for your thoughtfulness
Your understanding way
And for the countless little things
You do for me each day
I love you for the hopes and dreams
You've helped to make come true
But most of all I love you,
Just for being you

 Happy Wedding Anniversary
Happiness Always

© C-I

Always and Forever
...that's how long
I'll love you.

Happy Anniversary, Darling

© C-I

I took you for my loving husband
What else is there to say
You've honoured every single vow
As if it t'was only yesterday.

"Through thick and thin" was what we said
And those "ups and downs", too
We've been side by side, no matter what
And I have, and will, love you.

Happy Anniversary from your Loving Wife

© C-I

When you said yes and then fulfilled
Every dream I've ever had

The years have sped by, since that time
Proof our marriage is not a fad.

They said that it would never last
That we weren't strong enough to pass

The test of time that tests us all
Now we've come top of the class.

(Thirty) years on, with children by our side
And grandchildren on our lap

We can wish Happy Anniversary, and add
Another feather to our cap

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart

© C-I

Pink clouds in the morning sky
From sunshine up above
Each and every day
I'm so glad you share my love.

Our two souls met years ago
They knew each other straight away
Our hearts followed very quick
What else is there to say?

A marriage made in heaven
Is exactly what we've got
All I know is that I love you
And I know I'll never not

To my Darling Husband

© C-I

As we learn, let us share.
As we take, let us give.

As we weep, let us care.
As we love, let us live.

Wedding Anniversary

© C-I

Anniversary 55th is Emerald

Well, well we've made it dear

Whoever would have thought

After all this loving

And after your hand I sought.

We'll meet the family later on

All the children will be there

So give me a kiss and a cuddle

Before your love I must share

Happy Anniversary, Darling

© C-I

You've been my prince for many a year
And they've been full of love and laughter

I know that on the day we wed
You promised me happiness forever after

You've kept your word and I thank you Sir
For treating me so well

I'm not sure what it was I did
But I love that you're under my spell

You are, aren't you?

© C-I

We can't be dancing the same dance
Let alone the same flippin' tune
But somehow it all goes together well
Especially when we spoon.

Dancing the dance of life together
In happiness every day
When you hold me in your arms I melt
As both our bodies begin to sway.

© C-I

When I check my pocket I find some coins,
When I check my purse I find some bills
But when I check my heart I find "YOU" every time
I know just HOW VERY RICH I AM..
Happy Anniversary My Love

© C-I

It is now one decade
Since those church bells did ring
Our l0th anniversary
Which is marked by TIN;
On this milestone anniversary
Which we celebrate today
I want you to know I love you
More in every way

© C-I

Fancy that... the lucky number (five)
I can't believe it's here already.
It doesn't feel that long ago
That we were going steady.

Happy (5th) Anniversary

© C-I

In everything I do
You always have a part,
Because a loving thought of you
Is always in my heart,
Because each little wish of mine
You've tried to make come true 
On this, our day, I want to say 
How dearly I love you.

© C-I

I would like to take you

On a slow cruise around the world;

To have days and days alone

Having you within my arms all curled.

 (8) years ago today we said our vows

Today I mean them still;

I've loved you every single day

I know for sure I always will.

© C-I

I love you for your thoughtfulness 
Your understanding way

And for the countless little things
You do for me each day

I love you for the hopes and dreams 
You've helped to make come true 

But most of all I love you, 
Just for being you

Happy Wedding Anniversary Happiness Always

© C-I

My Husband, (Wife)
You are my partner, my sweetheart,
my confidante and advisor, 
my comforter and friend... 
You are my quiet place 
away from the rest of the world 
Happy Wedding Anniversary

© C-I

Books are for interesting and holding my interest

Flowers are beautiful like you

Fruit is tasty and good for me

All of these are wrapped up in you.

The years just fly over

With an alarming speed;

But you as my darling wife

I'm so glad that you agreed.

© C-I