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40th, 50th, 60th Wedding Anniversary Poems Verses

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In (forty)(fifty)(sixty) years together 
You've shared so many things
That's why this very special
Anniversary brings
To you, a wish that love,
Laughter, joy, contentment too
Will be yours to share throughout
The years ahead of you!
Happy (Ruby)(Golden)(Diamond) Anniversary

© C-I

May this time of celebration,
Be bright like sunshine ray.

A wonderful occasion
Your (Diamond) Wedding Day.

A backward look down (sixty) years,
The test of love will show,

Encouragement for every day
As hand in hand you go

Happy (Ruby)(Golden)(Diamond) Anniversary

© C-I

Who could have guessed 
When you began married life

How entwined you'd become
As husband and wife.

After 50 years 
You still say "I Love You"

in many different ways.
May Gold remind you,

You share a special happiness
Life gives to very few

© C-I

You have reached the ultimate one - not many people do

A DIAMOND anniversary look at the two of you

A telegram from the Queen something to be treasured

A lifetime like yours really cannot be measured

It is a privilege and an honour to wish you both today

Happy DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY - have a wonderful day

Margmax 2011

© C-I

Anniversary 60th is Diamond

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend

But with you they're not even close

As you are the cream of the crop my dear

I'm so glad that it's me you chose.

I love you more than ever now

I didn't know how I ever could

I just knew that no matter what

That I always and forever would.

© C-I

Let's celebrate as we turn gold

Greater value never to be found;

Than within our hearts and in our love

And off to Diamonds we can bound.

Love you forever Husband!

© C-I 

You have been past the silver, pearl and ruby and reached GOLD

A massive achievement all the anniversaries you have seen unfold

GOLD is a precious metal just like the two of you

Enjoy your celebrations because you deserve it, you do


© C-I

We've made it to the Ruby party

I always knew we would;

Our love would last forever

Perfection always should.

© C-I

You celebrated your silver, pearl, ruby and sapphire too

Now we are at the EMERALD all I can say is phew

55 years is a very long time it's true

But if anyone could do it - it would be you two

You are working towards the diamond that is plain to see

So a very Happy Anniversary from (Fred) and me

Margmax 2011

© C-I

Anniverary 70th is Diamonds/Platinum

Although these are rarely celebrated 

There are a couple or two;

That make it through all the odds

Just like me and you.

© C-I