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Welcome to card making info which
brings you that's what
I call cheap...greeting card verses for
homemade greeting cards, including
free to use poems, verses and quotes
to aid you in your creative card making,
scrapbooking or other crafts projects and

creative greeting card making ideas based on
Zodiac signs (
zodiac sign characteristics and zodiac sign compatibilities.)and Chinese birth year signs

Card Making, with birthday, special birthdays, funny birthday verses and quotes, family birthday verses, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby, Thank You  etc cards, is all year round but gets busy at seasonal times like Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and Valentines Day. The card making materials we tell you about include templates, embellishments, craft accessories, equipment, tools, supply products, paper, card, rubber stamps, backing papers, course instructions, stickers, machine papers, 3d card making decoupage card making patterns, items, printables, background papers, punches, machines accesories, stencils, inserts, toppers, embossing dies, freebies, backing paper, cardmaking supplies, peel offs and card blanks.
We bring you details of papercraft magazines, card crafting shops, card making classes, clubs, workshops, making your own cards designs, scrapbooking courses, techniques, tips, handmade cards forums, card making programs, craft design idea tips for men women children or kids cards

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Card by Craftyjak


Is a card maker and scrapbooker supreme.
If you haven't seen her fabulous work go there now.
You may borrow my car to do so  


This card making ideas, hints, tips, information website provides inspiration towards the personalising of a card, free to use ready made greeting card and scrapbooking verses or poems and lots of useful links to the card crafting world at large.


Card Making Info...a site with ideas
Hints, tips and crafting news
And all poems and downloadables
Are free for you to use

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If you want ready printed verses, poems on card inserts here's how

If you wish to write your own verses, poems

To stop commercial companies from nicking these poems, verses, rhymes and pithy sayings for ugly commercial gain, our card crafting scrapbooking rhyme writing lawyers insisted on this message

We present to you card verses
We hope that you're delighted
But to commercial card companies
They're all copyrighted

We always try to give credit to the writers of poems on this website, where known. Sometimes verses are submitted to us and it is unclear who wrote the piece. Mr Anonymous is the prolific producer of some of the best stuff out there. If something of yours has been used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, advise us and we will remove it.

Tip on searching for poems on verses websites.

If you want, say, a Christmas poem for Mother, you either want it to be Christmassy in which case the Christmas verses section is fine and you can add the word "Mother" to any of the poems or more commonly you want to use a Christmas card as the vehicle to thank Mother for all her support, love etc. You're unlikely to find suitable wording in the Christmas section whereas these sentiments will be found in the Mother's Day section and it is simple enough to change the ending to reflect that's it's Christmas.

 The chapter and verse online reference source for card making beginners
, this UK based website brings you the whole kit and caboodle; everything you need to know under one virtual roof. It is also a useful reference directory for the experienced handmade cardmaking maestros